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We will be using the flip tank tools to create a container in which we will be creating costume velocity forces to drive the liquid, to create this forces we will be modelling pieces of geometry that will be acting as our agent for a procedural animation we will learn how to use the velocity to drive the color of the mesh and then use this as a mask to mix both paint material and gold.


Drive the movement of blocks utilizing attributes that we export from a custom liquid simulation. Setup a liquid simulation that uses different density values to generate mixing of different fluids. This fluids will drive the height of geometry and allow it to move in organic patterns. We will cover how to mix materials with redshfit, light, texture and render. 


Beautiful organic growth setups that infect geometry on controllable ways. We will create multiple effects on this tutorial, one effect to dissolve geometry infected, outer layer of particle activation and inside particles that fillup the shapes volume to generate depth. We will cover texturing, lighting and rendering techniques for both particles and geometry using redshift.


Learn how to turn surfaces of geometry into liquid. You will learn how to pick the shape you wish to use and create a flip simulation from scratch based on this surface shape. Will cover how to mesh the liquid and create uvs for the solid areas of the geometry, texture, light and render using redshift. 




RMA is Alejandro Robledo - Im a digital artist specialized on technical and artistic excellence. He created RMA Fire to teach you powerful techniques and skills inside of houdini to help you reach your goals and create powerful, meaningful art.