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Lets look into creative ways to use flip fluids in houdini. In the following tutorial, will design a beatiful composition utilizing a sculpture and roses. Will turn the assets into particles and cover how to setup a flip fluid simulation with the geometry as liquid and colliding objects that will make some areas of the geometry splash. We are going to look into ways to make the particles un active and then activate only when the colliding objects are at a certain distance to the particles, making it feel as if a solid piece of gold has specific areas exploding. Ill show you how to utilize vdbs instead of flipfluid surface to generate custom meshes and then will go over texturing, lighting and rendering in houdini and redshift.

- Creating liquid containers from any shape
- Build flip fluids from scratch
- Controlling liquid forces 
- Meshing liquids tips
- Creating uvs for solid geo
- Texturing, lighting and rendering in redshift

Your Instructor


RMA - Alejandro Robledo Mejia

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