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Dive into the wonderful world of sand in houdini with me! 
The art of sand is a very fun and rewarding process, however it is full of gotchas and tricky newances that will be covering on this tutorial. We will begin by covering how to setup an animated object and sand container to work efficiently with vellum grains. Will cover how to setup an animated skull, collision container to be filled with sand and how the three of this assets interact succesfuly with each other. The class will show how to uv the skull and will also cover advanced texturing techniques for both the geometry of the skull and texturing of the grains. I will show you how to randomize the scale of the grains as well as the color of the grains to ensure they look like sand. Will be looking into how to light and render the scene with redshift. Then ill show you how to assemble the scene in AE and get a final comped piece to rock on your portfolio.

-​Setup effective colliders
-Control vellum gains
-scene breakdown
-Texturing and lightning in redshift Rendering

Your Instructor


RMA - Alejandro Robledo Mejia

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